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Merkeleon’s cases and partners appeared totally fake?

Dear readers!

Judging by the number of typed comments to the article about a three-year collaboration with the company Merkeleon, on the Russian blog, I figured out that the topic is relevant. In this regard, I decided to conduct my own investigation on this company for a few themes and combined them into one article. So I present them to you below. We study company partners and affiliates. Read more »

New article

Three-year’s cooperation with Merkeleon company turned out to the complete disappointment

Сотрудничество с компанией SOFTSWISS/MERKELEON

«Personal experience in product development of e-Commerce».

I’m waiting for your stories about how you, personally, or with the help of IT companies, develop your e-Commerce products. Accepted both positive and negative experiences on the development of the auctions and Internet shops. Also I’m interested in experience of creating electronic boards and any other business relating to the earnings in the Internet. Write whatever you like, post whatever you like.
And today I present a story based on personal experience of one of the Internet entrepreneurs, who ordered the development of its trading platform from a company specializing in the development of this kind of products. Read more »