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Merkeleon’s cases and partners appeared totally fake?


Dear readers!

Judging by the number of typed comments to the article about a three-year collaboration with the company Merkeleon, on the Russian blog, I figured out that the topic is relevant. In this regard, I decided to conduct my own investigation on this company for a few themes and combined them into one article. So I present them to you below. We study company partners and affiliates.

Let’s start from the banner, placed on this page
Let’s start from the first one. We won’t certainly discuss SoftSwiss as a partner, ‘cos SoftSwiss and Merkeleon are different companies only on paper. And in the rest they are a unified whole.

Then take a look at the partner portal banner «Unified digital signature» and try to understand what’s behind it. Go to that web-site page and see that it’s easy to become their partner.
«To become a media partner of the portal, simply place on your website banner and/or description of the portal with a direct link and notify the editors of the Portal. After that, we will place Your logo on the main portal page, in the section «Partners», and we will be happy to publish news about your company if they will match our themes.» There, basing purely on curiosity go to the page with banners of the partners and for some reason we don’t find there the banner of Merkeleon. Why? They forgot it? Or they are not partners?
And finally «Capterra». Click on the banner and get to the page describing the activities of the company, its capabilities and most importantly positive feedback, without false modesty, equally valued 5/5 (as I understand its five out of five). Here let us stop for more.
We’ll start from beginning and go to the end. What do we see?
1. Direct reference to details of the owners, wrote the feedback.
2. If there is no direct match (except the website of course.), then let’s find something on the web. Names and companies at least.
3. If someone can find something we will try to contact them.
4. If you manage to connect, then see what they’re doing now and whether they work with Merkeleon company at the moment.
Why am I doing this? I like to understand the details. As usual, they are most important. So to say, «The devil is in details» 🙂
So, let’s start.
Mcard Deals
In the text of compliments, it’s written that «Staff answers back emails in very timely manner». Is this the criterion of the companies’ success?
Looking for direct phrases on the web.
On this Facebook page we find this man In one of the publications on March 4th, we find the banner presumably the auction site
Clicking and find
And no more mentions at all!
Ziatkhan Shamilov
Electronic Auction
Searching the web. Find penny auction.
Anyone, who is interested in learning more about “penny auctions’ and how they work, can read on my blog. There are a lot of articles on this topic. Then we click on and see, that information on sold lots almost always appears exactly once in an hour (up to the minute). There are even a series of «victories» (in several auctions at once), with the identity on the second. With almost absolute certainty we can say that this is the work of bots. Bots are not real players. To the real players in this case, the win is practically impossible. Than I’ve notices that, according to this service domain registration occurred on November 7th 2015 and the date of VK group creation is marked on September 15th 2014, with the first publication dated on September 2nd, 2015. The sites usually do not live for long. But I’m watching them.
Svetlana Yelkovan
LLC «Puffinus»
Direct match is not indexed at all. Let’s search separately. There is a person with such surname on Flikr, her name is Svetlana but the page doesn’t say anything about auctions. A lot of information about the types of birds but the specified portfolio website is also missing.
Alexander Martyanov
Searching. No direct match. By last name the search makes no sense because it’s quite common (even seems to have an actor in that list) and those that fell into the search on the first page are no avail. Looking for Stopsold. Right here we see the group with 11 (!) subscribers, which lasted from September 7th to October 27th! That means 50 days. And then check the web-site and as usual we get the banner with the expiration of the domain name.
Maxym Yakovenko
Verified. Nothing, except “The Prodigy” leader photos 🙂 Check PlintPlay but there is just an information about crackers. But we wanted another one)
Nick Grebenkin
Page with the direct indexes coincidence but oddly enough when you click on them, they do not exist. However, the website opened in beta version. Given that the review on the Capterra website a year ago, we can assume that «beta» has been delayed. But that’s a personal meaning. Looking further. Russian transcription of the name (Nicholay Grebenkin) gives us no results.
Vyacheslav Lubyanoy
Getting this, clicking on it. First info on November 26th 2015, last one May 9th 2016. And no info on the auction. But in the feedback about miracle Merkeleon company is written…., I need to copy it «As a customer I had a good first impression from Merkeleon company. Later this impression improved exponentially. The company showed a really high level of quality of the performed work, confirming once again its reputation. Particular attention should be paid to the development team. I have never seen in my practice such experienced, highly qualified professionals. Sometimes I had the impression that they are reading my mind, explaining all the nuances of my project development. The staff is responsive, patient, knowledgeable and most importantly they know their work and its specificity perfectly. I can say that out of thousands or even millions of companies that I could be offered to cooperate, I would not hesitate to choose Merkeleon!». Do you agree, that it’s a cool feedback?)) I’d choose it from million. Almost love) Well, where is the project, the execution of which, experts from Merkeleon provoked obtaining the experience exponentially?? Checking the domain and there is Ooooops!image
Michael Siebelts
No direct match. Separately from the company find a summary of some German programmer. Checking the domain and there is nothing! What was the feedback about the miraculous Merkeleon? Getting: «Easy to use, fast success». But we can’t find the success. Maybe we looked bad?
Going on.
Vadim Shakhanov
Lotteries Shop
Checking. Nothing. Writing Vadim Shachanov in Russian, nothing. Taking just a domain empty, .ru empty. Nothing at all. But there is another site on this domain but it’s about gambling. What do we see in the feedback? Reading: «On behalf of «Lotteries Shop» I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Head of Merkeleon company as well as all its employees for their caring attitude to their customers!» well, continue as usual. Looks like Ivan М. Loves himself very much)
Further, on this page we got a match with the specified name but with the web-site, checking and there is again nothing.
Dmitry Lagovsky
Executive Director,
Checking. No matches. Looking for name and last name. Got is here Director of service stations network in Minsk. Looking through the profile. We find one interesting photo, where he stays along with Allen and Olga Mazeiko in a delightful mood(!)). Alena by the way, is a part-time account Manager in Merkeleon company. This is the case when «friendly feedback helped”) And what do we see in the feedback? Reading: «My auction is great! The job has been perfectly performed !!! Next time I will cooperate only with Merkeleon!!!!
Super job!!!. Auction?? Return to the page in Facebook. Find website of service stations network «Effectligue». And again — no word about the auction. There is an information about 14 years of work but about nothing about the auction. Well, okay. Whom do we have next?
Olga Lebedeva
Integral GmbH
Seaching. Nothing.
Nicholas Koposov
Searching. We find the coincidence of the same company NicKoss. Looking at the page. Not a single word about an auction. Reading the feedback: «Perfect from all sides, ease to use, just will figure out all unknown stuff =))) I think that’s where i do stop at». Funny feedback. I don’t know how about Nicholas but Andrei Koposov in Merkeleon really exist) Judging by his LinkedIn page, he works there as team leader and he really stopped there but not Nicholas:)
Peter Kleefeld
G&G Internethandel OHG
Searching. There is nothing but on the website of Merkeleon we found the website address of this man, here it is: as usual, we see nothing but notice an interesting fact(!) The review was written as from a stranger who applied to their orders in the Merkeleon but according to this site domain belongs to the company Merkeleon. Again praise ourselves))
Herbert Rieder
Rieder Mobilienhandel e.U.
No direct match.
Looking for company. Find by the way, this same website we find on Merkeleon under «Our recent work». Look the website. No word about the auction.
Reading the feedback: «Wir betreiben seit 2013 unsere neue Auktionsplattform, in Austria, welche dank der professionellen Unterstützung vom Merkeleon Team, realisiert wurde» Visit and appear on . That’s all, the circle closed. We are done with him. Going further.
Valery Pushkov
There is a lot of online information. Auto auction really existed. But at the moment it’s closed. For some unknown reasons.
And finally, the customer of the company who signed his feedback as «Great company». Great Company? It remains to believe his word)
Stan Mccallen
Checking. Nothing informative as usual. The curves are combinations of letters even with Morgan Stenley, well “MS” is really a great company. And about Merkeleon there is nothing. Searching by name. Nothing. There is no need to search by the companies’ name. The word Privat can get us anywhere. What about the feedback on Capterra? Reading: «I used to work with Merkeleon for a couple of years and must say, that it’s the best auction company I’ve ever worked with. Guys were pleased to help me choosing the best combination of functionality and price. They always kept in touch with me and gave the actual dev status. And their prices are very sexy)». Sexy prices? What’s it like? Small? High? Cheap? Available? What was a copywriter thinking about when he wrote this text?
P.S. I analyzed the cases designed for English-speaking gullible user. Now go through the fact that are written for Russian-speaking users, they are located here.

Yury Leontiev/ Blbm, CEO
E-mail: @
Checking website and as usual, there is nothing.
Jorg Lamber, директор Saar-Promotion Lamber GmbH
E-mail: info @
Checking the web-site it’s dead from 2013. To make sure, go to the FB group well, the last post was on February 7th 2013. But what a feedback is great was!)
Karen Shagoian / Easybuy, CEO
E-mail: shagoian.k @
Checking and we immediately redirect to the main Merkeleon web-site. So to say «With a dead client, even traffic worth swinging, and it’s good»)
Dennis Kiku, «IT Module» director, Tver/Russia
E-mail: denis_kiku @
Checking web-site
As usual, nothing there.
Andreas Ransch, CEO Trigonon GmbH, partner-representative in Hamburg/Berlin
E-mail: andreas.raensch @
Checking the web-site:
It’s the website of the German developer.
Yury Trofimov, CIO Buyon
E-mail: juri.trofimov @
Checking the web-site
Opened quite normal online shop. Not an auction.
Arthur Fayzullin, owner of «News&Score»
Checking web-site:
The site is closed according to the requirements of the Legislation of the Russian Federation (!)
We now consider the branches of the company Merkeleon. According to information from this page, the company has three branches: Austria (legal address), Minsk (the office developers and account managers on Kedyshko) and Vancouver (everything is complicated). Let’s look for the last one. The text taken from the website tells us the following:
“Our strategic partner and official representative in North and South America, Premium Services is located in Vancouver. Premium Services has successful experience in providing consulting services at the expert level in the field of construction and business development, including in the field of Internet auctions.”image

As usual I am trying to find at least anything on Premium Services. Nothing. But we understand that if the company exists and provides consulting services at the expert level, it can’t be missing on the Internet. From the publication of the news, before the search robot will index it and deliver into the database of Yandex, Google, or anyone else — all that will take a couple of weeks. Right? But suppose that the search engines Google and Yandex is focused on geo location and just do not give a literal match for users not in Northern America. Unlikely of course but let’s go make it, and will check the availability of information on Premium Services in a search engine that targets America. Checking Yahoo. Writing “Premium Services Vancouver Consulting”. And again, nothing. Surely this story is unrealistic? Can’t believe it. May be we search in the wrong place.
An in the end, I want to inform the readers of my author’s blog.
I’m in auctions for a very long time. I witnessed the opening of many auction and shopping sites. Studied their marketing and helped them with my articles to find his clients. I know where started such auctions as and I understand the smaller players that failed to cling to the market. Know what marketing works for the future, and what a quick response from the audience. But what we saw in their portfolio of the so-called leader of the auction business, surprised even me. It’s not even marketing, and the continuous misrepresentation of your potential customer. Of course it won’t work. Fake stories will not go far. I hope these guys will understand and make the right conclusions.
At this point I temporarily suspend my investigation of Merkeleon company, and you are asked to leave your feedbacks in the comments. What I hadn’t noticed and what was worth more to tell about.
But as usual please refrain from obscene remarks. Such comments I’d have to delete.
Sincerely yours,
Artem Argunov.

P.S. As I planned before, I tried to contact the Internet entrepreneurs, ordered their auctions in the company Merkeleon. And again, as I thought, employers do not want to disclose their negative experience. However, one of them gave his comments, for which of course, I thank him very much. I hope this will help to protect someone from not imminent expenses.

And so, welcome, Vyacheslav Lubyanoy (the owner of the Buy for Bid). I should say in front, that I had to play a potential buyer so that correspondence took place at all. I hope Vyacheslav will understand me correctly. With his consent, I reveal a part of our correspondence from Vkontakte.

«July 22nd
Hello Vyacheslav!
Came across a positive feedback about the Belarusian company “Merkeleon”, they’ve created an auction BuyforBid for you. However, I didn’t find the auction with the same name in the web. Can you please tell me, was your feedback real? I’m looking for a contractor and can’t find online anyone standing.

July 22nd
Hello. The feedback is real, the mentioned company really held the development of the auction for us, with quality and on time, however, due to the impossibility of further funding of the project, our website was never launched. At the moment our project is put on the market as a ready solution by the above company.

July 22nd
Vyacheslav, thank you for your answer. Where can I buy it? Please shake a link with me.

July 22nd
According the purchase of this project you will need to contact the representative of the company Merkeleon, find their manager Alyona Mazeiko, she oversaw the development of the website.

July 22nd
Okey. But why Mekreleon? You write that the project was put on the market. Is it on Mekreleon’s market? Why it’s not on your server? You don’t own it?

July 23rd
According to the development contract of the project in case of impossibility of financing the project, namely payment of technical support, rent servers, etc. expenses of the company, the developer has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally, thus the source code of the product remains with the developer, as a trade secret.

July 23rd
Can you tell me, how much you paid for the project and how much monthly support cost?

July 23rd
Vyacheslav, do you have an answer about the cost??

July 27th
8610 euro was paid. Support 850 euro per month.

July 27th
Solid! This is per one penny auction? But can you at least show me the screenshots??

July 29th
Vyacheslav, are you here??

August 1st
Vyacheslav, are you willing to sell the project or not?

2 августа
Hello. I am willing to sell the project with the copyright transfer, but the price of it will be € 9,000 (based on the inflation), as I am directly involved in the design. Further, I give you the documents and screenshots of the electronic product. So I might put forward a counter-proposal of a commercial nature on the conclusion of the partnership in the conduct and development of this project. Terms can be discussed later if desired.

August 2nd
Vyacheslav, good day. The price is certainly not small, especially with the today’s course. Therefore, it is necessary to think about everything. You say that the price includes transfer of copyright. What kind of document this will include? How the project will be transferred to our server? On which parts the payment should be divided?

August 2nd
Hello. 1. Due to the fact that this an electronic product, namely the source code is a secret of the developer company, not freelance, it’s not possible to place it on your server, so the company Merkeleon provides its own server and full access to it. 2. The transaction will be issued in the form of a contract of sale, with a content copyright. 3. Regarding payment, a question to you: how much money you have at the moment?

August 2nd
I understand you are not interested in the possible joint management of the project?

August 3rd
Vyacheslav, hello. I’ll start from the end.
3. The amount can be transferred completely.
2. Copyright for what? For something that you don’t own? It can’t be this way. You either have rights on something or you don’t.
1. If the project is not transferred to the new owner on a server, in fact he is not the owner, he is the tenant. And certainly we don’t need it this way. And I think that won’t work.

If you really invested in the project on which you have nothing, it’s certainly a waste of money.
I recommend you to read the story about these guys here
Same thing happened with you?

August 4th
Hello. Yes, indeed, the company denied to give me the source code, therefore our deal is impossible. Moreover, I filed a lawsuit and sent an appeal to the authority of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation, in connection with suspected unlawful activities on 07.08.2001 N-115.

August 4th
As their activities falls under the article 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation.
August 4th
Thank you for the information and sincerely wish not to get into the same situation.

August 4th
And also please send me a link to my feedback, I think it should be slightly edited.

August 5th
Hello, Vyacheslav. You can see an English version of your feedback here the Russian one is here , but here, there is an analytical article on the topic of feedbacks

By the way you can write down your comments on articles. I am sure this will be useful to others and perhaps encourage to question someone from former customers and you could combine efforts.

August 7th
Vyacheslav, if you want I will quote your comments in articles. Or you can do it yourself?»

August 14th
I sent you a letter in which described in the smallest details the whole period of cooperation with so-called company Merkeleon, who are still have the nerve to demand the payment for tech support.

Next, we corresponded with Vyacheslav on the issue in general, but that will remain behind the scenes.

Dear former customers of the Merkeleon company, if you have something to tell, please mail me and tell your story. I will publish only that part, which you’ll let me.

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