Owners of online auctions

If you are the owner of an online auction, and you are interested in a good targeted traffic, if you want to know about your auction thousands of your new potential customers, then my suggestion is for you!

I am willing to offer you the following forms of cooperation:

1. Write notes about your online auction and publish it on this blog;

2. Writing a large, full article dedicated to your online auction, placing it on the blog and the publication of the announcement in the newsletter.

3. Placing on the blog link to your auction;

4. The opening of this column on the blog dedicated to your auction, and its constant maintenance …

5. Rent a movie of your auction on the home page.

You can select one of these forms of cooperation, as well as several. Or to offer something different.

The main condition, without which any interference is not possible in principle:

your web design should be honest and reliable towards its users. Any fraudulent schemes should be completely excluded!

Otherwise, our cooperation with you there is no future.

All financial matters are discussed in the course of personal communication.

If such conditions you want to apply, you can
Now write me via the feedback form!